Tuesday, August 6, 2013

4th of July 4 wheeling

On the 4th of July we went 4 wheeling with my Aunt Sarah & Uncle John. We went up American Fork Canyon. It is a fun thing to do with our family & I know that Jared loves for us to go - even if he scares me to death on some of the things he tries to make the jeep go up. It was a fun day.

Maren turned 3

We have a three year old! What!! Where has the time gone? Maren turned three on April 30. She is such a fun, stubborn, happy, emotional little girl. There are so many reasons we love her every day and some days she drives me crazy! I would not trade her for the world- although sometimes I tell her she is going to make me go crazy! She is a busy, busy girl who loves to be outside and loves her Mickey Mouse.

Disneyland Trip April 2013

Back in April we took a trip to Disneyland over Spring Break. It was CRAZY busy. We had a such a good time and Maren loved it. We went for a week- 3 days at Disneyland.
One of the mornings we had breakfast with Minnie Mouse and friends inside the park. We loved that. That is something we would do again for sure. Of course she also loved the beach, she is just like her Dad that way. She did not want to leave the water.



Monday, January 7, 2013

Grandma Bruin

My Grandma Bruin - my Mom's Mom - lost her battle with cancer on New Years Eve 2012. She was 77 years old. That just does not seem old enough to me to leave this life. She was an important part of my life, always there at anything important for me. She was my escort when I went through the temple in 2000 on my 23rd birthday. She was the one to help me get ready in the temple on my wedding day. I know that she loved me very much. We found out how sick she was just two days after Christmas. The cancer had traveled to her lungs & was terminal. I thought we would have a few months left together but Heavenly Father had different plans in mind. I am glad she did not suffer long, it was hard. It still is unreal to me that she is not here anymore, but knowing what I know, I will see her again. She's now watching over me from heaven. I believe her next goal in heaven is to send us down another little baby, I'm ready when you are Grandma! I love you forever!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

4 wheeling

In June we went with a few friends up American Fork Canyon and went 4 wheeling in Jared's jeep. We had a great time, Maren still talks about the bumpy rocks and Matt (he came with us). She loved it!

Recent pictures of Maren

Recent pictures of Maren- she is growning up so fast. She talks a mile a minute and tells us all kinds of things. She is a joy to have in our house- most of the time! She can be a little bit of  a princess when she does not get her way. We sure love her!